Rabbits provided to the Adopted village, under SBI Gram Seva Programme

Aida Don Bosco01 Mar 2022 12 : 03 : PM

AIDA under the SBI Gram Seva programme provided Rabbits as part of the livelihood intervention to 23 beneficiaries.  These beneficiaries are availing the second round of support from SBI-Gram Seva Programme at Tsithrongse Village one of the five adopted villages.

Rabbit rearing/cuniculture is the agriculture practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits as livestock as it is easier to maintain them in a limited space and requires very little feed and can be managed by kitchen and garden vegetable wastes. Rabbits are a highly productive animal as they can breed 4-5 times in a year, their manure is very suitable for vermicomposting which provides excellent manure to be used as an organic fertilizer in agricultural fields, besides, rabbit’s wool is 6-8 times warmer than the contemporary sheep wool.

AIDA aims to assist the rural communities to be self-reliant through cuniculture practice and a number of other incomes generating activities such as mushroom cultivation, poultry, kitchen garden, and piggery. These mainly contribute to the local economy and generate more employment opportunities.