World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Aida Don Bosco02 Jun 2022 04 : 06 : AM

AIDA-SBI Gram Seva celebrated the world day of cultural diversity for dialogue and development bringing together the 5 adopted villages at Bade village. On this occasion a day of cultural mela was organized with various cultural activities. The inauguration of the day was done at 9.30 in the Bade community hall. Shri. Temsuchuba Jamir, SDO of Chumukedima was the Chief Guest for the occasion. In his message he said that society and community cannot progress unless there is harmony and cohesion with each other. He stated that Nagas are known best by their culture as it speaks about one’s identity. But with the passage of time our culture have been eroding with the influence of western culture which will later end us into regrets if we do not take any measures or 

initiative to preserve our culture which has been passed down by our forefathers.

Shri. Temsuchuba Jamir appreciated ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA) for initiating and undertaking many noble services in the communities through bottom up approach for the development of the society and requested to extend its services further. He also stressed on the opportunities and avenues that Nagas are losing due to lack of skills and therefore encouraged the people to avail facilities those are provide by the organizations and equip oneself with skills and make the best use of it


Mr. Kshetrimayum Rameshwar Singh, Chief Manager Financial Inclusion SBI RBO Dimapur was the guest of honor for the event. Speaking at the event, he shared about the milestone of  SBI Foundation since its inception in August 2017 in the holistic development of the village through adoption of villages. Having seen the impact of the initiatives of AIDA - SBI Gram Seva programs towards socio cultural development, he  proposed to make the cultural mela an annual event to make it more fruitful. He also stressed on Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Literacy Programs. He added that the bank will pave an avenue towards creating a link between the villagers and the nearest banking facility centre to make services accessible and available for every village.

Rev. Fr.Nebu Mathew SDB, Rector, Don Bosco, Dimapur implored God blessings on the day’s celebration. Rev. Fr. Roy George, SDB, Executive Director of AIDA welcomed the chief guest, guest of honour and other dignitaries to the cultural celebration. Speaking on the importance of cultural day celebration he spoke of the four goals established during the UNESCO convention 

 on the protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions as: a) to support sustainable systems for the governance of culture, b) to 

achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services, c) to integrate culture into the frameworks of sustainable development and d) to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.   Reminiscing the culture and celebrating its diversity, a folk song was presented by Tsithrongse village followed by vote of thanks by Ms. Mhonlumi Ezung, the Convergence Officer of AIDA for the SBI Gram Seva programme.

Some special features of the Cultural Mela were: Quiz competition, talent show, tug of war, cultural folk song & dance, cock fight, arm wrestling, pork eating and banana eating competition. The programme was attended by villagers from 5 adopted villages (Urra, Bade, Diezephe, Tsithrongse and Kriezephe). Mr. Phira M, Inspector of Excise, Govt. of Nagaland, Mr.Yanbemo Yanthan, Pastor, Lotha Baptist Church, Mr. Limha Odyuo, Chairman MERIBA Society and Dr. Anna Lunbila Bibiana HRD Manager, AIDA constituted the jury of the event.