Child Rights Club Leaders Training Program

Eloit16 Nov 2022 10 : 11 : AM
CRC Leaders trained to be responsible and visionary leaders among children The Child Friendly Dimapur AIDA, Don Bosco, organised a one-day leadership training programme for the Child Rights Club Leaders on 12th March 2022 at the AIDA conference hall, Dimapur with the intent to train the CRC leaders to be responsible and visionary leaders. The programme was attended by 35 Child Rights Club Leaders and 3 Child Rights Facilitators. The CRC Leaders were from the villages/colonies of Signal Angami, Kashiram, Neisatuo Colony, K Sachu Colony, Zeliangrong Colony, Kacharigaon. The Child Rights Club Leaders were animated on soft skills required to be responsible and visionary Leaders. Leadership Skills, self-awareness, ability to connect and collaborate, having an optimistic vision, open to diverse thinking and ideas, empower and continuous motivation to the person a one to one basis, innovation, etc., were some of the soft skills touched upon. The leaders were encouraged to be good leaders by believing in themselves, being dedicated & practical, have good listening skills, being fair to all and to have a good decision-making ability. They were also made aware of the roles and responsibilities of Child Rights Club Leader during the training.