Workshop with CSO (Nov2021)

Eloit17 Nov 2022 06 : 11 : AM
Making Children our priority On 3rd November 2021, Child Friendly Dimapur, organised a workshop for Civil Society Organizations, leaders, parents and Media personals on the theme “Making Children our priority” at AIDA, conference hall, Dimapur. Mrs. Esther Sumi, Protection Officer(IC), DCPU and Ms. Ela, Collab Director, Childline/Prodigals’ Home were resource person for the program with an intent to bring civil society from various disciplines and to discuss the issues and concerns of children in the city, brainstorm ideas and identify collective action plans to realize the dream of making Dimapur a child friendly city. To brainstorm the participants and make them reflect on the 54 rights of children that are enshrined in the UNCRC, Mr. Dziesezelie, Civil Society Mobilization Officer, Child Friendly Dimapur guided the participants into reflection and facilitated them to share experiences that has close connection with the rights. During the session, Mrs. Esther Sumi, Protection Officer(IC), DCPU shared that all the civil society has to work together towards protection of the rights of the children. She talked about Integrated Child Protection scheme (ICPS) and the roles of the DCPU in coordinating all child protection activities. She emphasized that the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) takes care of the Children in need of care and protection and the Juvenile Justice Board takes care of the Children in conflict with law. Ms.K.Ela Collab Director Childline/Prodigals’ Home facilitated the second sessio. She emphasised on the importance of working collaboratively and collectively as it is the responsibility of all individuals in the society to ensure all children are safe. She facilitated the entire process of discussion on ‘what role each participant and organization can play to make Dimapur a child Friendly City’. During the process, the participants were asked to identify strategies, preventive measures and common action plan to contribute to the idea of making Dimapur a Child Friendly City.