Youth creative activity in Kacharigaon

Eloit17 Nov 2022 07 : 11 : AM
Creating awareness on “Article 21 - Right to Life” through creative activity led by the youth in Kacharigaon On 26th March 2022, Phevima Eco Club – Kacharigaon, organised a programme cum activity at Kacharigaon Lane 1, supported by Child Friendly Dimapur, AIDA on the theme, “Reconnecting Nature”. The activity was conducted with an objective to create awareness on the importance of clean environment and healthy waste disposal method (Article 21). Altogether 26 participants came forward to create awareness among the community. Shri. Paul Lokho, Director, Pro Rural, Dimapur, an environmentalist motivated and encouraged the youth to preserve nature and the bygone culture through their goodwill initiative. Mr. Ketosul Yore, a member of Kacharigaon Phevima Child Rights Club representing the children, highlighted on the risk and the cause of a polluted environment and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment during the program. Ms. Garrol Lotha, Project Coordinator CFD, acknowledging the initiative of Phevima Eco Club mentioned that the youth are an important component of the community that can effectively create awareness and bring changes in the society. While addressing the youth, she briefed on the importance of working in coalition with the youth and adults in the society towards making Dimapur a Child Friendly City. She also encouraged the youth to be an example for the younger generation, be their support system and advocacy for the rights of the children. The youth later, put up quotation board in and around the colony to create awareness on clean and healthy environment.