Youth Creative activity in Sangtamtilla

Eloit17 Nov 2022 07 : 11 : AM
Photography cum Photo exhibition on the theme “Children Today” Child Friendly Dimapur organised a photography competition cum Photo exhibition on 25th December 2021 at SABA premises with the objective to create awareness on the rights of the children through youth led program. Sangtamtilla Ao Baptist Arogo Youth initiated in creating awareness on the rights of the children in the form of photography competition cum exhibition on 25th December 2021 at SABA premises. The theme for the activity was “Children Today”. The main intend of the program was to raise awareness on the rights of the children and child related issues among participants and spectators in the community. Altogether, 10 participants participated for the competition which was witnessed by more than 100 children, youth, adults and community leaders in the community. The program was a great success as the issues faced by the children in today’s generation was shared through an input prior to the exhibition as well as depicted through the photograph and a caption submitted by the participants. Children, Youth and adults visiting the exhibition of the photographs and voting for the participants Reported by: Ms.Garrol Lotha INVITATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Photography competition cum photo exhibition organized by the Sangtamtilla Ao Baptist Arogo Youth Department on the theme, “Children Today” in collaboration with Child Friendly Dimapur- initiative of ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA) that promotes child and youth participation in creating a better and safer world for children. The photo exhibition will be displayed at Sangtamtilla Ao Baptist Church premises during the Christmas Feast on 25th of December 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Winners will be selected by the congregation during the exhibition through secret ballot system and the results will be declared as per the dates allotted by the organizers. Guidelines for the photography competition: 1. Pictures should be original. 2. Participants have the flexibility to take pictures anywhere in Dimapur. 3. Get the consent of the child/children before taking their photographs. 4. In case of candid picture, kindly show the photograph to the child/children and ask him/her/them if it is okay to use the photograph for the exhibition. 5. Kindly ensure that children in your photograph are not naked or semi naked. 6. Participants for the photography competition are limited to SABA. N.B: All participants will be acknowledging with a certificate.