Community Empowerment

Tribal communities of the NE are characterised by the contradictions and dilemmas of societies in rapid transition.  While some sections of society and some regions have benefited from progress and the fast pace of change, a large number of these communities are disadvantaged and live-in situations of poverty, deprivation and denial of rights.  

Attentive to the legitimate needs of the tribal communities of all our four states, and without being exclusive, we engage specially with the many tribal communities through awareness training, networking and meeting to enhance collaborative and participatory actions. 

Over 49 Village Empowerment Committees (VEC) are formed among Adivasi communities of Assam.  They actively participate in village development processes through village level Gram Shaba. Village communities Training on Goan Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)        


The Gram Seva Committee (GSC) is a consultative body at the village level in all the five adopted villages (Bade, Diezephe, Khreizephe, Urra & Tsithrongse) of SBI Gram Seva programme where AIDA carries out Integrated Rural Development Activities. The GSC is an inclusive body, representing various sections of the stakeholders such as; Village Council, SHGs, Youth, Elders, Women Association, Students, various village level organizations and other key stakeholders. The GSC is not a political or religious body and representation is not based on political or religious affiliations. The GSC acts as an apex consultative and coordinating body that takes leadership in organizing the community towards achieving development goals mutually agreed upon by the community and AIDA and liaises between the SHGs and the village community as a whole.