MorungPromotion, Revival and Preservation of Tribal Culture. 

The Morung used to be the key institution and the center for social life of all the unmarried male members of the society in the Naga society. It was the place where the youngsters learned about social practices and beliefs from their elders. However, today Morungs are almost extinct. Tribal culture is on the decline like most of the other cultures around the world. Much of the traditional and value based practices of our various tribes is almost at the point of extinction. Today there is an urgent need to create awareness of tribal culture and promotion and preservation of it. AIDA is taking a leading role in this through the Morung programme, where the children are taught traditional values, practices, games, folktales, folksongs, dances, weaving, archery, etc. We believe that teaching these to the young children will help to revive, promote and preserve the good aspects our tribal culture.