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Will you send a child to school? Would you help skill the young? Can you help a woman become financially self-reliant? Your support is vital. It does make a difference in their lives.


AIDA facilitates volunteering from multiple countries across its various projects. Volunteers can offer their time, talent, resources, and skills in different domains, including the centres for the Young at Risk and in AIDA itself.


Spread the word and share the goodness. Tell your friends and family about your experience with AIDA.

Who we are

Who we are

Actions speak louder

St. John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco, was an outstanding personality of Italy of the 19th century. Don Bosco was a dreamer, a visionary, an educator and a priest. In him grace and nature, the divine and the human blended harmoniously. He devoted all his energies and talents to educating the young and shaping their lives. His methods of education based on ‘reason, religion and loving kindness’ which came to be known as the ‘Preventive System of Education’, is his unique contribution to the world.

What we do

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Community Empowerment
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Women Empowerment
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Socially Committed

AIDA offers a range of subjects that can interest Corporate Social Responsibility circles, promising a sense of satisfaction and worthy of investment. AIDA will vouch for credibility, transparency, professionalism and delivery.

Children are rescued from the street and from child labour every year.
Children from rural villages and urban slums are reached out through rights based and supplementary education programmes every year.
Women are empowered through gender equality, livelihood, education and skill training programmes every year.
Youth are trained and placed through skill training projects every year.

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Developing the habit of sharing among children


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