Women Empowerment

Major issues concerning women in the operational areas of AIDA include: domestic violence, gender discrimination, exclusion from decision making process, victims of polygamy and exploitation. AIDA’s interventions therefore, focuses on enabling women to take responsibility for their growth, development, and freedom by educating them on their rights, promoting self-employment.

This enabling includes awareness and capacity building at various levels, promoting social responsibility and voluntarism, building and strengthening community-based, people-owned economic and rights-based organisations like SHGs, equipping them with responsible and competent leadership, and linking them with resources, technology and expertise.

  • Formed and linked over 100 Self Help Groups (SHGs) to National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) and continues to support and strengthen the groups across Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.
  • 12 semi-literate women from the rural villages of Tamenglong district, Manipur are trained as Solar Mamas (Solar engineers) and effectively provide services in solar installation, repairs etc. to 450 households in 6 solar electrified villages through AIDA.
  • 9 village women are trained on Handloom and Weaving to encourage self-employment and assistance is provided to find market access.
  • 50 rural women trained in tailoring and provided with Sewing machine have trained over 600 other women in their respective villages in Arunachal Pradesh