Our Partners

1. Don Bosco Missions, Germany 
2. Don Bosco International, Germany 
3. Katholische Zentrastells, Misereror00, Germany 
4.Don Bosco Mondo, Germany 
5. Diocese of Bamberg , Germany 
6. Fondazione Fratelli  Dimenticati ONLUS, Italy 
7. Parish Weisendorf  /  Mr. Klimek, Germany 
8. Merkel Foundation , Germany  
9. Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany  
10. Childaid Network, Germany 
11. The Mumbai Salesian Society, Mumbai 
12. The Maschio Memorial Founation, Mumbai 
13. Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany 
14. Caritas Denmark, Denmark 
15. SBI, Foundation, Mumbai 
15. SBI, Foundation, Mumbai
SBI Gram Seva Programme ANMA Integrated Development Association partnered with SBI Foundation through their flagship programme, SBI Gram Seva, in October 2020. The heart and soul of the programme is the adoption of villages and further transforming them through strategically planned interventions in a holistic manner over three years. Furthermore, additional two years of sustainable phase are observed in the adopted villages where projects are implemented through Social Behavior Change and convergence with the various departments of the Government. This is pivotal to the programme as it tests the magnitude of empowerment initiated in the previous three years. Some of the core interventions are digitalization of the villages through the provision of Gram Seva Kendras (GSK), which act as a nodal agency for connecting the remotest village to the digital world, aid in coverage of schemes and policies of the Government, and bridge the digital gap at the governance level. The Smart classrooms in villages help place our young generation in pace with the fast-evolving digital world and enhance their education in their growing years. In most remote parts of the world, many rural tribal communities still lack access to quality health care services. During COVID, when nations underwent a complete lockdown worldwide, SBI Gram Seva’s Sanjeevani- Mobile Medical Van went around the adopted villages and non-adopted remote villages to provide timely medical care and medicines. The immense impact was seen through long queues of people waiting outside the camp to get themselves examined. Northeastern tribal communities, although living in challenging geography, have a high participation rate in community welfare activities. The adopted villages and villagers are getting groomed through various community engagement activities for active Social Behaviour change. Through WaSH activities, the interventions focus on awareness as well as infrastructural renovation and augmentation. The vast population of rural tribal communities is agrarian. Hence, through the longitudinal training-based focused livelihood interventions in collaboration with RSETI, Peren provides a streamlined approach to livelihood enhancement. The Strategic convergence between SBI partners like SBI branches, SBI RSETI through SBI Gram Seva has a better economic development framework. Other interventions like women empowerment, youth development ensure engagement at the grassroot level. In remote areas, the transformation starts with electrification. With solar electrification in our adopted villages, many villages have seen post evening get-together activities and, more importantly, providing safe movement for villagers. Afforestation activities are carried out with a blend of old and new ideas like miyawaki, scared grooves, and people’s forests to ensure a better future for the planet we inherit. Currently, the five adopted villages of the Dimapur district have been witnessing a rigorous transformation. The programme will be observing holistic transformation in the coming years. We hope our journey with SBI Foundation through SBI Gram Seva catalyzes change in these adopted villages.
16. Prayantna Sanstahan-Solawanta, Rajasthan 
17. Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk (DBYaR), New Delhi 
18. Kindermission, Germany 
19. North East Council (NEC), Shillong  
20. NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh 
21. Bosconet, New Delhi  
22. Usha International, Delhi 
23. Barefoot College, Rajasthan 
24. Social Work & Research Centre (SWRC), Rajasthan  
25. Don Bosco Job Placement Network India, New Delhi