By livelihood, AIDA refers to the means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocationally to secure the necessities of life. AIDA designs socially relevant and constructive strategies to achieve livelihood security. Our target groups are the poor, vulnerable and the marginalized, unemployed youths, the unskilled, women, children, rural farmers, entrepreneurs, persons with disability and artisans.

The Livelihood projects aim to enhance livelihoods and ensure food security by promoting land based and non-land-based activities; facilitating skill development trainings to improve agricultural yield, enhance household income and encourage self- employment; building partnerships and linkages with other skill training agencies, financial institutions and government departments for access to information and technology, government schemes, loans and greater market access.

Strategies and annual outreach:

  • Formed 33 farmers groups and works directly with over 500 marginal farmers in 60 villages of Assam through trainings in agriculture and livestock development.
  • Over 200 farmers are linked to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry departments annually for benefits, grants and subsidise in 60 villages of Assam under CEMP.
  • Over 1000 farmers are assisted in availing financial assistance from Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana in 60 villages of Assam under CEMP.
  • Formed 40 Income Generation Activities (IGA) groups and engages with over 500 unemployed youth in IGA in 20 villages of Manipur to help them become self-reliant and productive members in the society under ESEE project.
  • 27 are trained on pig rearing and 23 have availed loan under PMMY piggery loan for setting up piggery unit in the village.
  • 23 villagers of Bade and Urra, Dimapur district are trained on Banana Fibre Extraction and will be helped in setting Fibre Extraction units in the village.
  • Training is provided to a villager of Tsithrongse, Dimapur on Mushroom cultivation to encourage setting up of mushroom farm for income generation as well as training of other villagers.
  • Awareness on Management practices for Feeds and disease control of piggery farm is provided to 36 villagers of 5 villages adopted under SBI Gram Seva project, Dimapur district.
  • Awareness on Integrated Nutrient Management and Bio-control of Pest and diseases is provided to 82 village marginal farmers of 4 villages adopted under SBI Gram Seva project, Dimapur district.
  • 23 village farmers from the adopted villages under SBI Gram Seva project were taken for exposure visit to Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Mediphema, Dimapur district.