WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) and Environment:

In many parts of the region good health and hygiene still remains a major challenge; water scarcity is a major issue in the hills.  Jhum cultivation and deforestation are the main reason for the declining of water level in the region. 

Our intervention includes, awareness building on hygiene and environment; ensuring safe drinking water, building community toilets, providing waste management/collection vehicle, water conservation to increase the ground water levels and improve access to irrigation facilities; solar electrification and afforestation to increase green coverage through social forestry and community pasturelands. 

  • 50 Dustbins, 2for degradable and 25 for bio degradable under Waste Management program were installed in the 5 adopted villages under SBI Gram Seva Project implemented by AIDA in Dimapur District. The waste collected will be used for vermin compost for organic farming. Organic kitchen garden too is encouraged under the SBI, Gram Seva programme.                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Village public toilet facilities which are incomplete  or non-useable are completed or repaired and made usable under SBI Gram Seva programme in the adopted villages. In some villages running water facility is made available by plumping, setting up immerse pumps and water tanks for storage. Bore wells are also made to provide good drinking water to the villagers.